jeudi 6 décembre 2012

Toujours la Syrie

Berlin va envoyer 400 soldats à la frontière turco-syrienne
Libération, 06/12/2012 (en Français texte en français )
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Le gouvernement allemand a approuvé jeudi l’envoi de deux batteries de missiles Patriot en Turquie et prévoit de déployer jusqu'à 400 soldats de la Bundeswehr pour protéger ce pays d'éventuelles menaces syriennes.

Update On Potential War Against Syria
George Washington blog via ZeroHedge, 06/12/2012 (traduire en Français texte en anglais )
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We reported yesterday:

Here are updates in this quickly-moving situation:

  • Pentagon officials say that there is no evidence that Syria is mixing chemical weapons, and “it’s not even clear that the precursors have been moved from separate storage sites to one location”
  • On the other hand, the the Syria Tribune has released a video allegedly showing Syrian rebels killing rabbits with chemical weapons, and threatening to use them against supporters of the Syrian government. (It is impossible at this point to say whether this is genuine or propaganda)
  • The U.S. will designate one of the leading Syrian rebel groups as a terrorist operation.  McClatchy notes that – until recently – the Syrian opposition blamed this terrorist group’s attacks on the government. In other words, the terrorist violence carried out by one of the main opposition groups was wrongly blamed on the Syrian government (in fact,the U.S. has backed various terrorist opposition groups in Syria)
  • And Russia has docked 2 warships in Syria, in a show of support for the government

On est en plein dans la G4G... Allez démêler l'intox du vrai là dedans... Surtout sur le coup de la vidéo des lapins...

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