jeudi 18 avril 2013

La Mint US vend un record de 63 500 pièces d'or d'une once en une journée

US Mint Sells Record 63,500 Ounces Of Gold In One Day
ZeroHedge, 17/04/2013 (traduire en Français texte en anglais )
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According to today's data from the US Mint, a record 63,500 ounces, or a whopping 2 tons, of gold were reported sold on April 17th alone, bringing the total sales for the month to a whopping 147,000 ounces or more than the previous two months combined with just half of the month gone.

Punchline number one, as the chart below shows, is that the more the price of gold fell, the more aggressive the purchases of physical gold through the Mint became, rising to 96,500 oz in the last two days alone. Buying more of something you want when the price drops: what a stunning concept - explain that to the algos who nearly crashed the German stock market overnight.

Punchline number two, of course, is that the US mint charges a hefty premium for purchases: much more so than traditional vendors like Apmex or Gainesville Coins, and is usually the last resort for when nobody else has any physical at a lower premium to spot (or any metal in inventory).

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  1. ben,finalement avec ce raid , ils ont attirés l'attention .Ils n'ont pas déclenchés la peur et le sell off du physique mais le contraire...une volonté d"en acheter encore plus .
    La ficelle était trop grosse cette fois


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