jeudi 23 mai 2013

Ca craque au Japon : -7% sur le NIKKEI, et le taux à 10 ans monte fort

Japanese Stocks Plunge 1000 Points - Biggest Drop In 26 Months
ZeroHedge, 23/05/2013 (traduire en Français texte en anglais )
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Today's drop of over 1000 points (over 7%) from the earlier highs is the largest drop for the Nikkei 225 since March 2011.

UPDATE: They are paniccing... BOJ injected 2 trillion yen ($19.4 billion) into the financial system to stem volatility following a circuit breaker in JGB futures trading.

Japanese Bond Market Halted At Open As Bond Selling Purge Goes Global
ZeroHedge, 23/05/2013 (traduire en Français texte en anglais )
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Japanese government bonds (JGB) futures have been halted once again this evening as the market opens down over 1 point. 10Y yields smash 11.5bps higher to 1.00% and 5Y yields add 6bps to 47bps.

JGB Futures plunge to two-year lows...

leaving yields spiking...

10Y yields have now tripled from the post-BoJ meeting lows (in 7 weeks!!)

JPY is being sold like there's no tomorrow (which for the Japanese may well be true)

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  1. Et si on se faisait un petit krach demain ?

    1. Finalement non, Tokyo finit la semaine sur une hausse de 0.89%.


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