jeudi 9 mai 2013

L'aggressivité monétaire Japon oblige la Corée du Sud à suivre

South Korea Joins Global Currency War, Cuts Rates In Response To Abenomics
ZeroHedge, 09/05/2013 (traduire en Français texte en anglais )
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Kenya, Australia, Poland and now South Korea. The country, whose net exports represent nearly 60% of GDP, and which have been deeply impacted by the recent collapse in the Yen, finally threw in the towel overnight and cut the benchmark seven-day repurchase rate from 2.75% to 2.50%, as only 6 of 20 economists predicted. The reason the move was surprising is that just like China, which overnight reported CPI of 2.4% on expectations of 2.3%, the country still has pent up inflation concerns, however it appears that preserving economic growth and its export potential is more important to the country bordered by North Korea, than price stability. The result of this largely unexpected move is a strengthening in the Yen overnight, if only by some 30 pips in the USDJPY.

Comme d'habitude, ça va finir en giga bulle immobilière tout ça, et en transfert massif des revenus des jeunes vers les vieux...

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  1. La guerre monetaire ouvrera t elle le champs a une guerre commerciale explicite?, puis a la guerre tout court, in extenso?
    Dans les années 1930 les devaluations competitives ont eu un cout pour les retardataires mais in fine le vrai cout fut la guerre mondiale. (master t)


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