mardi 18 juin 2013

Obama montrerait-il la sortie à Benny B ?

OBAMA: Bernanke Has Been Fed Chairman For 'A Lot Longer Than He Wanted Or He Was Supposed To'
Business Insider, Steve Holland, Reuters, 17/06/2013 (traduire en Français texte en anglais )
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President Barack Obama hinted in an interview aired on Monday that he may be looking for a new chief of the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank, saying current Chairman Ben Bernanke has stayed a lot longer than he had originally planned.

Obama, speaking to Charlie Rose, host of a PBS interview program, compared Bernanke to longtime FBI Director Robert Mueller, who agreed to stay two years longer than he had planned and is to leave in the coming months.

"Well, I think Ben Bernanke's done an outstanding job. Ben Bernanke's a little bit like Bob Mueller, the head of the FBI - where he's already stayed a lot longer than he wanted or he was supposed to," Obama said.

Asked whether he would reappoint Bernanke if he wanted to keep the job, Obama did not answer directly.

"He has been an outstanding partner, along with the White House, in helping us recover much stronger than, for example, our European partners, from what could have been an economic crisis of epic proportions," Obama said.

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  1. Rien d'anormal.

    Bernanke a bien travaillé. Mais sa gueule est usée maintenant, des critiques apparaissent... Le Système va donc changer l'homme.

    Mais pensez vous sincèrement qu'Obama Yes I Can oserait nommer un faucon à la FED pour remplacer Bernanke ?

    Bien sûr que non.

    Dans le grand ordre des choses, Bernanke, l'homme, n'a aucune importance. Ce qui compte c'est la fonction, et la politique.

    Et la politique de la FED continuera même sans Bernanke.


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