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Un officiel de Tepco déclare que la situation à Fukushima est hors de contrôle

TEPCO Official Admits Fukushima "Out Of Control"
ZeroHedge, 13/09/2013 (traduire en Français texte en anglais )
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A month ago, when we quoted an independent expert that "TEPCO has lost control of Fukushima" many took offense, despite all signs to the contrary. Perhaps the skeptics will reevaluate their position following today's news reported by AFP, which cited Kazuhiko Yamashita, who holds the executive-level title of "fellow" at Tokyo Electric Power, who finally admitted what those not mired in prejudice about the state of nuclear energy refuse to accept, that the nuclear plant was "not under control." This promptly led to the government, which last weekend learned it would host the 2020 Olympics and promised that Fukushima would not be a concern by then, to scramble and "reassure people on Friday that they have a lid on Fukushima." Unfortunately, the lies, like the radiation in the plant, are now finally seeping through and more are becoming fully aware of just how serious the catastrophe truly is, and drove yet another steak through the heart of the official narrative by Prime Minister Abe as they "flatly contradict" his assurances.

AFP elaborates:

In a meeting with members of the opposition Democratic Party of Japan, Yamashita was asked whether he agreed that "the situation is under control" as Abe had declared at the International Olympic Committee meeting in Buenos Aires.

He responded by saying, "I think the current situation is that it is not under control," according to major media, including national broadcaster NHK.

News of his comment prompted a rush by the government and TEPCO to elaborate on Yamashita's remark, saying he was talking specifically about the plant's waste water problem, and not the facility's situation in general.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga, Abe's right-hand man, separately said Yamashita was repeatedly pressed by DPJ lawmakers when he made the remark.
The punchline:

The view of TEPCO as a company does not contradict Abe's statement, Suga added.

Actually no, it does. What is more humiliating is that the admission comes a day after an official PR campaign was launched to ease the world's concerns that Japan really has no clue what it is doing.

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  1. Et il semblerait qu'en novembre, on doive serrer très très fort les fesses :

    "Sur le front de Fukushima, le traitement et pompage des eaux, qui tient désormais davantage des manœuvres des Shadoks ou des Danaïdes, n’est rien comparé au prochain défi que l’opérateur japonais s’apprête à initier à partir de novembre prochain : une opération (inédite) de tous les dangers (véritable risque d’une réaction en chaîne, et donc d’une possible explosion nucléaire), visant à extraire le combustible irradié de la piscine du réacteur numéro 4. Quand on connaît la fiabilité de la gestion du désastre par Tepco et que l’on sait que cette fameuse piscine, prête à s’effondrer à tout moment, contient 14.000 fois la quantité de césium 137 de la bombe d’Hiroshima, il y a de quoi trembler…"

  2. Il me semblait, surtout, qu'il y avait du plutonium dans cette piscine n°4. Quelques centaines de kilos ( de quoi effacer le Japon de la carte).


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